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Reserve For Encumbrance

We were able to successfully export information from our legacy software which was key for uploading to Acumatica and we dedicated a staff member to recreating AP in 2020. Bill and Jim were extremely helpful keeping us on target and requesting any mi... Read more

Why Sg&a Doesnt Always Work

Look through each of your business’ monthly expenses and make sure you aren’t overpaying for them. But average SG&A sales ratios vary wildly based on industry. For example, manufacturers range anywhere from 10% to 25% of sales, while in h... Read more

Double Entry Accounting Definition

Double-entry bookkeeping is an accounting system in which all financial transactions are recorded in two types of accounts, debits and credits. When you post a transaction, the number of debits and credits used can be different, but the total dollar... Read more

Direct Write Off Method Definition

Cohen & Company is not rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice. Information contained in this post is considered accurate as of the date of publishing. Any action taken based on information in this blog should be taken only after a d... Read more

X Encumbrance Accounting

For example, a utility company may have the right to run a gas line through a person's property, or pedestrians might have the right to use a footpath passing through that property. Other encumbrances, such aszoning lawsand environmental regulations,... Read more

Days Sales Of Inventory

What we’re trying to calculate when we calculate inventory days is how long, on average, it takes BlueCart Coffee Company to turn green coffee beans into sales. To use the inventory days formula, you need both your average inventory formula and... Read more