What measures have been taken to ensure data security?

Understanding the importance of maintaining the clients’ data protection, physical and administrative safeguards are in place and listed below:

Non-disclosure / Confidentiality agreements; 

Our company takes data security and privacy very seriously to make sure that any client related information is not published or distributed to third-parties at any cost.

In addition, all of our employees sign confidentiality agreements at the start of every project to ensure that our client’s data is completely safe and secure.

Each employee is bound by the agreement and not allowed to share the information with anyone unless allowed only through their supervisors.


Our password protected logins restrict access to registered users. User passwords are encrypted in the database and a log is maintained of all users accessing the system.

Administrative Security

– Organizational security policies and procedures

– Employee recruitment after thorough background checks.

– Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with employees

– Employee training on information/data handling

– File access control

– Regular virus check

– Encrypted data transmission

Physical Security

– 24-hour security facility

– Restricted access to facilities like CDs & printers

– Declaration of media & devices during entry and exit

– Secured workstation with the trackers installed

– Backup control policy

– Video surveillance system

– Entry to the premises using secure access cards

– Workstations secured individually by anti-virus and firewall protection

– Printer limited to printing only the management reports

Access cards are required before entering the server room. Access is restricted to only senior employees who are assigned to the certain activities.

We also have restricted internet access on the computers and data transmission is carried out under the supervision of the project manager.