Gross Merchandise Volume

Take care of your customers first to create an incredible shopping experience for them, and you’ll improve your bottom line sooner or later. Approximately 95% of customers say that customer service is important to their choice of and loyalty to a brand. And 80% of customers consider the experience a company provides as important as its products.

  • Most e-commerce companies, especially when they first became popular, used the metric instead of revenue and/or sales data.
  • Today, e-commerce companies typically utilize GMV in combination with other sales and revenue metrics to understand how their company is operating and growing.
  • In the current year, e-commerce unicorn, Flipkart has been devalued twice.
  • 2) Calculate the valuation multiple for each start-up by dividing the project valuation amount by the annual GMV generated by each start-up.
  • Below I’ll explain the right way to think about your GMV and ways to increase GMV that can lead to more profit, not just more revenue.
  • This has been discussed time and again, especially after the recent devaluation of Flipkart.

The online marketplace Etsy uses GMV to gauge seller success, buyer satisfaction, the health of its ecosystem, and the growth of its business. Here are the 14 Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify in 2021 Live chat is changing the game in the customer support and service world. From improving customer experience, driving sales to growing retention, live chat has arrived as a new, useful way to engage and support customers. When you have a lot of slow-moving inventory products, it’s a great idea to bundle them with popular items. Doing that will help freshen up your old or overstocked inventory and increase sales. Upselling is a strategy to sell a superior, more expensive version of a product that a customer already owns . Meanwhile, cross-selling means selling related products to the one a customer already owns .

What Is Gross Merchandise Value Gmv?

GMV can be a good indicator of the overall health and growth of an online retailer. It’s because GMV measures the volume and value of merchandise sold or the number of transactions handled.


After all, retaining an existing customer is five times cheaper than finding a new one. By delivering exceptional customer service, you give your customers a convincing reason to stay with your business forever. These are just a few of many key customer service statistics, but enough to prove that an excellent customer service experience impacts your bottom line. Note that you can also use free gifts or free products to incentivize customers who spend more on your store. This store offers customers free masks if they spend beyond a certain threshold.

Gmv Vs Nmv For Digital Startups And How To Evaluate Your Start

GMV for e-commerce retail companies means the average sale price per item charged to the customer multiplied by the number of items sold. In this case, the business model is based on a retail model, where the company basically purchases the items, maintains inventory and finally, sells or delivers the items to customers. It does not tell the net sales as GMV does not include costs involved and returns of products. For e-commerce stores, or retailers who sell directly to consumers , gross merchandise value represents actual revenue as the total dollar amount of products sold online is collected by the retailer. Some of the largest e-commerce stores include Best Buy, Nike, and The Home Depot. GMV is the total sales volume transacting through the platform, though not to be confused with revenue.

Should GMV include tax?

GMV includes all transactions regardless of order and shipping status. Shipping and handling charges and taxes, when identified by the customer as part of the transaction within the B2C Commerce, are excluded from GMV.

GMV is one of the metrics used to steer the goals of any emerging tech startup. Inventory turnover, or the inventory turnover ratio, is the number of times a business sells and replaces its stock of goods during a given period. It considers the cost of goods sold, relative to its average inventory for a year or in any a set period of time.

Gross Merchandise Volume

The second way it is used is as an indicator of the total volume of sales by an individual seller over a recent period of time, as a method of monitoring sales performance and business health. Gross Merchandise Value is the sum of all merchandise sold through customer-to-customer marketplaces. It’s usually used in ecommerce trading to measure the health of the business. Total company sales are calculated over a specified time, typically quarterly or annually. If you’re selling digital service products on a monthly renewal fee, the base calculation will be the same.


You can use a modern e-commerce platform like fabric to decrease operational overhead and increase GMV. An alternative to GMV is Net Merchandise Value which deducts costs related to advertising, refunds, and gateways payments from the GMV. Because of the reaction to coronavirus that inspired more people to purchase products online, Etsy more than doubled its GMV from $1.18 billion in Q to $2.46 billion in Q2 2020. Get the latest ecommerce tips for growing your business and invites to industry-leading events, right to your inbox. That strengthens your brand confidence and encourages customers to come back to your store. When you’re proactive in handling return requests, you have a chance to turn them into new sales. Your customer might be satisfied with an exchange instead of asking for a refund.


For example, if an online company sells 15 customized notebooks at $10 per notebook, the GMV would be $150. GMV includes value added tax and excludes shipping charges, surcharges and other taxes, value of the goods that are returned and deposits for purchases that have not been settled. 3) Calculate the average multiple for all the projects among your selections.

What is Gpv Square?

GPV is a crucial revenue source for Square and an important metric for investors to analyze, as it measures the total amount (in $) of card payments processed by merchants using Square’s system.

GMV , also called Total Order Value, is a metric used to value online retail businesses in their initial stages, when it is too soon to judge them on the basis of metrics such as revenues and profitability. To calculate GMV, simply multiply the number of products sold by the product’s sale price; most e-commerce software can do this for you by product, by product category, or for the entire product catalog. Also, it’s one thing to increase GMV; it’s another thing to maintain excellent customer service when you have more orders.

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It’s a video of a set of clips from a game and all tied together with music. Similar to AMV , a GMV is a video compiled of clips from various video games set to music. Get the last blog posts from the ecommerce industry directly in your inbox once a week. If you sell something for $100 on your own website, your GMV and revenue are $100. If you sell something for $100 through Etsy and Etsy takes a 10% commission, that’s $100 GMV for Etsy.

GMV is the overall revenue coming into the company, but it has to be reviewed alongside net sales, which is income after deductions. SaaS enabled marketplaces usually report earnings in terms of annual or monthly recurring revenues. The focus of management should be more on developing a business that is sustainable and manageable. There are no arguments to undermine the importance of customer acquisition for businesses to improve their market share, but this has to be done by spending in a more responsible and creative way.

The Downside Of Using Gmv

The focus should not move from customer acquisition to mere spike in GMV numbers. Similarly, Snapdeal’s GMV multiple has come down from nearly 20 in 2012 to under two in FY 2015. The trend clearly indicates that the EV/GMV of both the companies is inching closer to each other; making valuation of the companies in the e-commerce space to be the simple factor multiple of GMV. This has been discussed time and again, especially after the recent devaluation of Flipkart. Though GMV has been accepted as an established norm, the question is – does it indicate the real worth and value of a business? As mentioned earlier, the GMV sometimes might just be a fraction of the actual sales and this gap raises a question on the feasibility of using this metric.


To keep abreast of the latest software business information, let’s connect and talk more about the SaaS World; sign up for our newsletter. In business, it’s essential to have specific benchmarks and measuring tools in place to keep the company on track. In retail and ecommerce environments, the most crucial medium-term metric is the Gross Merchandise Value. The company ultimately takes away from its total sales is not accurately represented. GMVor “Gross Marketplace Volume” means the total entry fees paid by users for contests hosted on Skillz’s platform. As a business analyst or financial analyst at a venture fund the NMV is more like the “gross profit” for your platform.

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What can be misleading about GMV is that this number depends largely on the product mix. On one hand, a business is supposedly expected to lay emphasis on higher margins after a few years in operations, because ultimately it is expected to book profits. However, if the focus is only on increasing GMV, then the company would focus on selling higher volumes of high ticket size products, neglecting the margins. For example, selling ten apparels with high margins will definitely have lower GMV than selling ten electronic gadgets at a lower margin.

Non-distribution GMV refers to the GMV under the service fee business model and the consignment business model. However, this should just be treated as an additional metric, an outcome of the business operations, and not something to be chased as a business strategy. Now, if we compare the Enterprise valuation/GMV ratio of both the companies, the co-relation becomes more clear. For instance, in 2011, Flipkart’s implied valuation was almost 15 times its GMV. With GMV projected to grow to $8 billion this multiple is set to get lower. Depending on the context, a seller may be talking about either one or both.

Customer Service Scripts For Ecommerce Companies

The calculations are made before business expenses, such as advertising, delivery costs, and discounts, are deducted. The primary function of GMV is to allow management to compare the company’s financial metrics between periods. This data helps the organization understand and quantify the growth of the business in terms of sales. The first is the total volume of goods sold on eBay as a whole, across the entire website, as a measure of eBay’s performance and status as a marketplace.

It excludes the direct expenses resulted from the transaction processing to have it registered on board. GMV is the sum of sales volume transacting through the platform unlike the traditional understanding concepts of revenue recognition as per the financial standards. Excessive discounts and cash backs are offered to drive the GMV further, neglecting margins in the process. This is a flawed measurement, and if you’re trying to determine the economic health of an eBay store or any other retailer, a figure like GMV isn’t going to offer enough insight.

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