What Is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and How to Become One?

QuickBooks ProAdvisor Overview

QuickBooks is a widely used software among business owners and bookkeeping/accounting specialists. To become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and show everyone that you are an expert in using this program, you must obtain a certificate. It is given for a year, after which you would need to do the training (optional) and take the exam once again to ensure that you are up to date on any new additions and other changes. The certification consists of training programs and passing an exam.As a member of the QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you get to set yourself apart from the others and promote yourself as a specialist in the Find-a-ProAdvisor directory. There are numerous other benefits, such as dedicated product support, exclusive tools that simplify the bookkeeping, and discounts for you and clients of your practice. In addition, you do not have to pay for all the training, which you can reference whenever you want, as well as the certificate.QuickBooks ProAdvisor certificate is totally worth the time you will invest into getting the certification. It has already helped many bookkeeping and accounting specialists as well as tax consultants grow their practice and help their clients better manage their businesses.

How to Become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

If you would like to get a ProAdvisor certificate, the first step would be creating an account with Intuit QuickBooks Online. As with most websites, the registration is pretty simple and you just need to enter some general information about yourself as well as create a login for your Intuit account. You will not be required to provide your bank information or any other similar data.Unless you believe you have the knowledge and navigation skills necessary to pass, your next step would be to navigate to the training section. The training is self-paced, although there are also online events and virtual conferences that you can attend to expand your knowledge base. There are no additional costs for training or exams.Once on the training page, their introduction course for accountants would be the first course recommended if you do not have experience working with QuickBooks Online. This course will not take much of your time. You will get more comfortable navigating this program, learn about the possibilities of this software and see how to do basic accounting tasks with the help of QuickBooks.If you want to add that QuickBooks ProAdvisor badge to your website or even print out the certificate, the QuickBooks Online Certification is what you are looking for. The training is made up of several sections that cover different topics related to basic bookkeeping principles and functionality of the QuickBooks application.You will learn how to set up your client accounts, how to make and adjust journal entries, manage customer payments and deposits, prepare and customize financial reports, and more. You can complete each section separately and at your own pace. An estimated time required for each section is specified, so you can plan your studying accordingly.The training topics correspond to the certification exam, which is also divided into subsections. The link to the exam is on the same page as the courses, and you can skip any courses and take the exam if you wish. For your convenience, you can see right away how many questions each exam section has and approximately how much time it should take you to complete it. Moreover, you will have more than one attempt to retake each section.It should be pointed out that to pass the exam, you do not need any official education or bookkeeping knowledge for that matter. In fact, all you need to do is take an online exam and get the answers right. At the same time, getting your ProAdvisor certification does mean that you are now a certified bookkeeper. It just goes to show that you are good at QuickBooks products.Those who have already acquired the QuickBooks Online Certification can also consider taking it a step further – QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification. After completing this course and getting the certification, you will know how to better support your clients and will have access to other benefits.If you still have questions about this certification, want to find out more about the benefits of acquiring it or start your journey to becoming an expert in QuickBooks, then visit the official Intuit QuickBooks website.

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