Simple Rent Receipt Template in Excel

rental receipt template excel

Contact your state’s housing bureau to see if your state has such a law. If it does, and your landlord is not following it, ask for a copy of the statute and forward it to your landlord. If your state doesn’t mandate rent receipts, create a receipt yourself and ask your landlord to sign it when you submit payment. A landlord who writes a rent receipt for a tenant can either photocopy or scan the receipt for their own records, or enter the receipt details in whatever rent payment tracking system they use. They can also be emailed, however, it would be better to have a written signature on them. We’ll explain why landlords use rent receipts, cover the information to include on a rent receipt, and provide a free rent receipt template for landlords in both Excel and PDF formats.

Placing a signature on the blank receipt template will validate the rental receipt. The signatures on the transaction or agreement is a validation that the other party has already paid the due amount on a particular day. The different types of property you want to rent out vary in rental periods. For example, office space and house space have more extended rental periods. Meanwhile, car rentals have shorter rental periods like a day or three days. Lastly, come up with rental terms and conditions for your rent receipt.

rental receipt template excel

A Donor Info section allows you to personalize the receipt, and then add a donation description, quantity, and total-value amount. Select the check box for whether the donation was an item or a cash, check, credit card, or money order transaction. This template includes a separate, detachable donor-details section to keep for your records. Use this detailed customer receipt template to document the costs of products sold to or services provided for your customers.

Daycare Receipt Template

Minimizing payment discrepancies or disputes with a tenant is another benefit of using rent receipts. For example, if a tenant claims to have paid the rent on time when it was actually received late, a written rent receipt can keep any dispute from escalating. A tenant can use rent receipts to build credit history by showing the rent is current and has been paid on time. With so many people working from home, a tenant may want to use rent receipts as a backup in case part of the rent is being claimed as a home-office tax deduction.

rental receipt template excel

It will automatically update the two other receipts on the page after you complete the top one. If you are a landlord, property manager, or someone looking for rent payment receipt template to use, you’re on the right page. If you think that creating a rent receipt takes up too much time, you can download one from the available sample receipt templates above which will suit your business. If you think there are no errors, print two copies of the rental receipt, one for you and one for the other party. Printing two copies allow you to have a copy of your own so that you can easily track down the payment transactions.

Free rent receipt template for landlords (Excel & PDF)

However, a rent receipt doesn’t protect a tenant who writes a bad check because a rent receipt isn’t proof that a check has cleared the bank. If a rent check is returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF), a landlord can still pursue a tenant for nonpayment because a copy of the bounced check proves the rent was not paid. Here, you need to indicate the date when the tenant has made their payment, receipt number, amount paid, and the payment method they used (e.g., cash, credit card, or others). Microsoft Excel is the perfect program to create your rent receipt. It is the most common program used in producing business-related documents, such as budget templates.

An Excel receipt is a template that businesses can use to create customer sales receipts for products purchased or services rendered. Use an Excel receipt template to also record sale dates, item or service descriptions, tax rates, and total purchase amounts. If you live in one of the states that offer a tax credit you will want a rent receipt from your landlord each time you pay. If your landlord will not provide one, you can prepare an online receipt to present to your landlord to sign. Also, keep in mind, some states require a landlord to provide rent receipts in certain situations. The printable rental payment receipt in PDF gives details of property, landlord, tenant and the period of rent.

Still others enhance the tenant experience by offering tenants the option to pay rent online. An Excel receipt template enables you to download, print, and record – or fill out online – a detailed receipt. You can use an Excel receipt template to keep records of each individual transaction in an easily ordered, standard manner. Created specifically with delivery components in mind, this easy-to-fill delivery receipt template provides everything you need to create delivery-specific receipts for your customers. Enter receipt date, receipt number, recipient info, delivery description, quantity, pieces/package, total packages, and the delivery-amount total for accurate, comprehensive delivery receipts.

Using a rent receipt template makes it easy for you to write up and provide receipts to all of your tenants. Issue a formal document or form regarding the rent payments by making use of our Rent Receipt Templates made available in Excel file format. Quickly download a receipt template at any given time, place, and on any device. Edit our 100% customizable rent receipts available in US or A4 paper sizes with ease and comfort using any version of Excel.

Word Format of Rental Receipt Template

You can also maintain a separate billing statement for each renter to keep track of payments. This template includes a formula derived by that automatically converts the numeric amount to words. Create the perfect invoice for your business with our Online Invoice Generator.

  • Online rent payment platforms, such as Zillow Rental Manager and PayYourRent, are 2 options that are free for landlords to use.
  • Be sure to indicate both parties’ complete names that are correctly spelled to prevent your rent receipt from becoming invalid.
  • You may also want to add a unique watermark to the receipt to make it difficult to copy.

There’s a lot you’ll want to include on your rent receipt template. Online rent payment platforms, such as Zillow Rental Manager and PayYourRent, are 2 options that are free for landlords to use. A tenant can also make Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers from their bank account to a landlord’s bank account to pay the rent online using a service like PayPal or Zelle. For instance, the tenant’s name, the property address, and the rental period should be in the same spot.


Use an all-inclusive cash receipt template to provide a receipt to cash-paying customers. Enter payment-to, date, receipt number, and amount paid details for each cash payment. Included on this page, you’ll find a simple receipt template, a cash receipt template, and a payment receipt template. You can also download a petty cash receipt template and a rent receipt template, among others. In addition, you’ll find a list of helpful tips for completing these downloadable and fillable Excel receipt templates. This worksheet has rent receipts as four copies along with Rent Receipt Slips which you can keep for your records.

It also includes space for a property-location description, the rental period, and any additional information related to tenant- or payment-specific details. As a small business, you need a reliable way to provide customers with receipts for their purchases. Use this receipt template with editable sample text to fill in all receipt-specific details, so you can give customers an official, detailed receipt. This template auto-calculates each line item and includes a tax rate to apply to the subtotal for a comprehensive payment receipt. Keep your business running full steam ahead and provide customers with comprehensive receipts using this easy-to-fill business receipt template.

Easily Manage and Track Your Business Receipts with Smartsheet

If penalties are imposed, that too is recorded in the format You may also see Purchase Receipt Templates. This receipt organizer and tracker template serves as a log for your receipts as a whole, so that you can itemize and accurately record all payments. Enter receipt dates, description, and monetary amounts to account for every receipt, and to order them in an easy-to-retrieve format. You can complete this fully customizable template online, or download and print it, as well as attach individual receipts for a complete, single-source, receipt-tracking record. As mentioned above, some states require landlords to provide their tenants with a rent receipt each time a payment is made towards their rent.

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