What Is QuickBooks Accountant

QuickBooks Accountant is a general collective name for accounting products of a company that develops specialized software for accounting, tax, and financial accounting in enterprises.

QuickBooks Accountant features

The program is used to optimize accounting, tax, and personnel records at an enterprise, regardless of its form of ownership. The software product is suitable for manufacturing, commercial enterprises, and the service sector. Accounting is based on legislation. The main task of the accounting program is to record all business operations of the enterprise in order to derive the financial result of the organization, calculate the tax base, and submit reports to state regulatory authorities.

What Is QuickBooks Accountant

Benefits of QuickBooks Accountant

The software QuickBooks Accountant provides a number of solutions for the clients:

  • accounting for all operations in accounting;
  • taxation;
  • personnel records and invoices;
  • document management;
  • preparation and submission of reports to tax authorities and extra-budgetary funds.

The software product is used by commercial enterprises, regardless of their type of activity and scale, state organizations, and individual entrepreneurs.

Users Review

Users claim that the advantages and benefits of the software product are as follows:

  • accounting software for accounting and opening the entry in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation;
  • accounting in the accounting program is conducted in accordance with the additional requirements of the current legislation;
  • the firm closely monitors all changes in legislation on accounting and tax accounting and innovations in the legal field.

At the same time, the company’s employees during their work improve and update the software product in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.


The accounting software supports various tax systems, such as the General tax system and the simplified tax system.

The software product is suitable for any business. The accounting software can be used for accounting in any commercial structure, regardless of its type of activity and scale โ€” from individual entrepreneurs without employees to multi-profile holdings. At the same time, the program allows you to keep multiple records in companies engaged in:

  • wholesale;
  • retail;
  • commission fee;
  • and online trading,

as well as performing contract work, manufacturing, construction, providing professional (audit, legal or consulting) and household services for the users.

The built-in hint system QuickBooks Accountant Intuit works with the license as a self-help guide and allows you to get started immediately. Suggestions will help you fill in the company information correctly and set up accounting parameters.

After performing the initial settings, a significant part of the data in the documents is filled in automatically; this feature saves time and minimizes the number of errors. When preparing reports, special algorithms will automatically check the correctness of the source documents, the completeness of filling in the reporting forms, and even check the control ratios between the forms.

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