When are tax returns due

Some people don’t know, “When are tax returns due?”. Taxpayers declare in the established form about the received income, taking into account privileges and discounts during the specific accounting period. Taxes, according to the established rate, are paid by private entrepreneurs, organizations, entities operating on the territory of the country, including religious, educational, etc. Enterprises with zero income are not exempt from tax returns and tax reporting.

When do you get tax returns: basic rules

The question “When do you get tax returns?” is very popular. Citizens must submit tax returns for the profits, available property, as well as the vehicle. Companies are also required to have tax returns based on their income. The procedure is carried out, taking into account the tax regime used. The tax returns may have a simplified form. The tax return must be submitted if the relevant transaction in the tax period is absent. For all tax regimes, a separate form of document is provided.

The organization is engaged in tax returns based on the primary documentation. Accounting summarizes and groups data. The procedure is carried out by the norms of the tax code. All information is entered in the declaration form. Then, it is submitted to the tax authority.

Performance indicators of institutions and citizens are required for general accounting. Payments should be made on time, and they allow forming financial resources of the state. Taxes support economic processes, granting privileges, and other elements. For the document to be accepted, it must be drawn up correctly.

When are tax returns due

New rules of tax returns

With the filing of the Declaration in electronic form, everything is much more comfortable. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has published the following benefits of filing a return electronically:

  • Possibility to send a tax returns for free;
  • Electronic submission is available in both English and Spanish;
  • Possibility to file a Declaration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Refunds come faster if you use a money transfer to a bank account (Direct Deposit);
  • Possibility to put electronic signature using any PIN-code;
  • Receipt of confirmation of receipt of the Declaration by the Tax Service;
  • If you have not paid your taxes, you can allow the IRS to charge the required amount to your bank account or credit card;
  • Save time on filing a federal and state tax refund;
  • Tax office computers can quickly check a tax return for errors and, of course, saving nature because, in this case, you do not use paper.

Fines and penalties

You should know how long to keep tax returns because it’s essential. There was a case where a person for four years successfully appealed to tax consultants, made a tax return, but, for some reason, did not send it. The IRS found him and gave him a choice: a $10,000 fine or a week in prison. He chose the latter.

Taxpayers are expected to pay 100% of the amount of tax for the previous year or 90% of the expected tax in the current year, whichever is the smallest by the time they file the taxes. Otherwise, the Internal Revenue Service will punish with an underpayment penalty. 

How to obtain old tax returns for free 

Sometimes people ask how to obtain old tax returns for free. Taxpayers can get tax returns free of charge on their income tax if the tax they owe is less than the sum of the total amount of withheld taxes and assessed taxes they paid plus the paid tax benefits they claim.

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