Zoho Books Review

Zoho Books is a cloud software for accountants and bookkeepers. It is perfect for small and growing businesses. It allows growing companies to manage their books, to send the accounts, and to process payments in the same system. The system includes:

  • tracing of stocks in the system of real-time;
  • tracing and control of the expenses;
  • automated banking;
  • a special portal for clients and so on.

There are positive reviews about Zoho Books written by many users. However, negative reviews are quite rare. Also, the pricing is reasonable and available. 

What are Zoho Books

Zoho consists of standard forms that can be integrated with the majority of programs for accounting and bookkeeping. However, there are also invoices, pro forma invoices, purchase orders, and so on. 

According to the Zoho Books user guide, forms of transactions can contain up to 10 fields for users, and it is not the offer of competitors. Invoices contain information about the cost of delivery, tax from the sale, and any discounts that are offered. 

Zoho has a great number of templates for:

  • entries; 
  • forms for transactions;
  • statement. 

Thus, this kind of software differs a lot from other software for professional accountants and bookkeepers. Zoho Books sign-in is a very simple process.

The users have an opportunity to create new contacts and to import the clients from the file in the section “Contacts.” These contacts are created by a client or by a supplier, and both options are available. 

Information about the user is depicted in the right upper corner in each entry of the contact. You can choose out of taxes, payment details, addresses, customized fields, and tags of statements through the row of inlays. The platform allows users to create up to 10 customized fields. In Zoho Books payroll. 

Zoho Books Review

Overview of Zoho Books features and benefits

The panel of instruments Zoho Books is very simple in use. At the main screen, the users can see total accounts receivable and accounts payable, and they can also get access to the diagram “Cash flow and expenses flow” when the menu is rolled down. 

All other parameters can be easily received in the left part of the screen. You can permit any module. Independence of the permitted modules, you can choose the section “Products”, “Banking”, “Sales”, “Purchases” and others. 

The icon “Settings” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen allows the users to change their preferences concerning such elements as:

  • purchases;
  • sales;
  • branding.

Here, there is also an opportunity to customize general settings. 

When you enter all your contacts in the toolbar, you can look through them on the same screen. Every contact has its graphic where all payments are described in detail. In the menu section “Transactions,” the users can look through all transactions connected with this exact contact, and also, it is possible to see the status of each transaction. 

What Problems can Zoho Books Help to Solve

To start the work, the user should just open a web browser, and to visit the link https://www.zoho.eu/books, then you can start working. 

As it was already mentioned before, Zoho offers a 14-days trial version for all levels. Just create your profile to start. During the primary setting, you will be offered to choose the necessary modules for your business. This process is very simple. Zoho will give you instructions step by step, and you will follow them. Then the users will be asked: do you want to activate a two-factor verification during the first entrance to the system or not. You can switch it on immediately or come back to this step later. 

When the settings are finished, the user can fill in the profile of his company. If more than one user uses Zoho Books, the user must add additional users like administrators, staff members, or coordinators. The administrator has general control over the profiles, and the staff members can receive access to all items except statements, settings, and instruments of accounting. Other users can get access only to the schedule. 

The users can require a demonstration from their home page. Moreover, the users can choose “Establish initial balance sheets”, “Set up the system of accounts” or “Set in direct banking channels” depending on the modules they have chosen for switching on.

Zoho Books Support organizes webinars for the users every week. The service of technical support gives advice and recommendations, for example, how to move through the panel of management. 

In Zoho Books, there is also an additional mobile application. When you create your profile, you can visit the link https://www.zoho.com/books/mobile-apps to load software for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones. Every application provides an opportunity to get access to fast information on the toolbar, accounts, and expenses. Just enter Zoho Books login and start working. 

Zoho Books Pricing Overview

Zoho Books Pricing offers a 14-days free trial version for everybody interested in the choice for software.

The basic package costs 9 US dollars (£ 6,90) per organization in a month. It includes five automatic work processes, two users, checks of bank accounts, users’ invoices, tracking of expenses, and repeated transactions. It is more often used than Zoho Books Free. 

The standard plan is 19 (£ 14,50) for the organization in a month. It includes all basic plans plus 500 contacts, three users, ten automated work processes, and credits of the suppliers.

The professional plan will cost 29 US dollars per organization in a month, including unlimited contacts, ten users, ten automated work processes, orders for supply, and a personal domain.

Users reviews


“According to Zoho Books Review, Zoho Books is a great instrument for a small business containing all necessary for daily needs in accounting and bookkeeping. In some senses, Zoho is much better than its competitors, considering the superb entry and many available forms of transactions.”


“However, Zoho still doesn’t contain notification about the payment, and it is constantly and seriously criticized by users on the Internet. To solve this problem, once can integrate Zoho Books with side applications for calculation of salaries, such as greytHR and Paybooks.”

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