What is QuickBooks

Accounting is one of the most important divisions of any enterprise responsible for the accuracy of a wide range of business processes. The specialist has to deal with:

  •  the execution of orders;
  •  cost allocation;
  • document management;
  • financial flow control;
  •  reporting;
  •  analysis, and many other operations. 

It is not easy to cope with such volumes of tasks, even if the company is small. Quick Books company offers to use a unique software product that will save time and money. Online accounting allows you to automate most of the processes, making it easier for the employee to work, and making it more efficient.

What is QuickBooks

QuickBooks Online

This online accounting program is a specialized web service based on innovative web technologies. To use its functionality, you only need access to the Internet, a computer, and one of the most popular browsers to load the QuickBooks desktop.

The program has many advantages, such as:

  • A wide range of tools. The program Quickbooks has a wide functionality that allows accounting staff to quickly generate external reports, create account plans, execute orders, automate document flow, conduct multi-currency and other accounting, analyze financial indicators of the enterprise and perform many other operations, including QuickBooks help.
  • Quick access. They offer a versatile web-based platform that removes territorial restrictions on business. Your employees will be able to access the service from anywhere in the world where there is a global network connection and perform various operations even if they need to leave the workplace.
  • Single database. The program allows you to combine all remote divisions, which makes it possible to improve the efficiency of accounting and increase the speed of obtaining up-to-date information. In this case, the user will be provided with a powerful mechanism for delimiting access to the database, as well as it’s regular archiving for protection.
  • Security. All data of the web service is stored in a secure and securely protected data center of the company INFIN, which is serviced by highly qualified specialists. Besides, our program uses the cryptographic protection Protocol (SSL) for data transmission, which eliminates the possibility of information theft by hackers.
  • Flexible setting. The service is provided to the user fully ready to work. However, if necessary, the specialists will adapt it to the specific needs of Your company, make additional changes in configuration, or integrate a non-standard solution developed using a unique method into the system.

QuickBooks app

Using this unique program opens up new opportunities for organizing the most accurate, efficient, and fast accounting work. Using the Quickbooks app service allows you to:

  • to quickly perform the operations for accounting and reporting;
  • eliminate errors and inaccuracies when performing tasks;
  • perform any number of operations as efficiently as possible;
  • increase the productivity of full-time employees;
  • reduce the time and financial costs of accounting.

Using the capabilities of online accounting with QuickBooks login will have a favorable effect on all the company’s activities. You may send a request to an official e-mail address or make an order by phone.

QuickBooks features and benefits

Some time ago, the company launched the first commercial version of the service, which offered a universal business management tool for small businesses. Over the past time, hundreds of companies have become clients of the service.

By helping them transition to Internet technologies and constantly improving the service, Quickbooks has come to the main point — each company is individual, there are no two companies with the same tasks and requirements. That is why it was decided to expand the functionality of the service, adding new basic solutions of various specializations. You can read the details in the QuickBooks tutorial. 

At the moment, the company offers to offer two basic solutions that you can choose when registering your company — for small businesses and big corporations. QuickBooks pricing also differs.

Quickbooks online for small business is a universal platform for individual entrepreneurs, small companies, or groups of companies operating under the simplified tax system. Activities-wholesale trade and services. The solution is delivered “as it is,” with minimal configuration of the basic configuration possible.

What is QuickBooks

Complex automation system for big enterprises with complex accounting includes implemented support for accounting for several companies with different tax systems, types of activities, and forms of ownership in a single database. The presented modules “Accounting,” “Inventory,” “Materials,” and “Goods” allow you to automate operational and accounting.

The solution has a high level of adaptation, which allows you to automate business processes of any complexity. The product is easily integrated with other software products used in the enterprise. The “Salary” module is being prepared.

Users reviews

Most user reviews about this type of software are positive. You can read the basic rates of the Quickbooks online in the tutorial. If you are not sure, which tariff plan is optimal for your company call or email the company, to QuickBooks support. This will allow you not to overpay for unnecessary services, and allow us to better understand your needs.

It should be noted that the service can be easily adapted to the individual characteristics of each company’s business. It is highly recommended to order the “Express implementation” service, in which Quickbooks can create the optimal tool for managing your company in a matter of days.

According to Quick Books review, the company also offers a unique opportunity to install the Quickbooks system. Online to your server. Employees can access it both via the local network and the Internet. You only need a web browser on your workstation.

It does not matter what operating system is used. This can be Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. There are no strict requirements for a web browser: it is possible to test the app in Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Google Chrome. The company also plans to support mobile devices and improve QuickBooks customer service.

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